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Achieve high accuracy in filling and dosing operations

Innovative Food & Beverage Flow Meters

Our flow meters are designed to excel even in various Food & Beverage applications. Whether you are dosing or filling, our flow meters ensure precise performance throughout your production process. Notably, we use materials that hold food-contact approvals for both Europe and North America. Additionally, our in-house engineering team stands ready to create custom solutions or retrofit existing flow meters.

Benefits of our flow meters for the food & beverage market:

  • Sterile Connections: Maintain hygiene standards with flow meters using process connectors that can offer sterile connections.
  • Compatibility with Pulsating Pumps: These flow meters seamlessly integrate with pulsating pumps.
  • Food-Grade Materials: Trust in materials that meet food safety requirements.
  • Retrofit Possibilities: Easily upgrade existing flow meters with our solutions.
  • Ideal for OEM Applications: Our flow meters are a perfect fit for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
Frequently Asked Questions
How repeatable are the measurements?

The repeatability of measurements is 99.85%.

How accurate are the measurements?

Achieving accuracies of 1%, our devices provide reliable measurements.

What flow range can I measure using Saint-Gobain Flow Meters?

We have four different sizes available that cover flows from 20 mL/min up to 200 L/min.

Shop flow meters that cover the following flow ranges:

0.02 – 4.5 L/min
0.5 – 25.0 L/min
1.5 – 40.0 L/min
3.0 – 200.0 L/min

Flow meters for the food & beverage industry

Saint-Gobain Sensors in Food & Beverages Industry

Affordable flow meters that achieve high accuracy in filling and dosing operations made from food-grade materials and meet food-contact approvals ideal for OEM applications.

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