PVDF Flow Meters

PVDF or Polyvinylidene fluoride is a thermoplastic material that is known for its excellent chemical resistance and durability making it a preferred material for biopharmaceutical applications. PVDF is also a food-grade material approved in both Europe and North America. Our PVDF flow meters are used in a range of applications such as biopharmaceutical manufacturing, medical devices, and food and beverage processing. Our PVDF flow tubes can handle gamma irradiation, corrosive fluids, and pressures make them an ideal choice for many industries.


Features & Benefits of PVDF Flow Meters

  • Mechanical Strength: PVDF material is mechanically strong, ensuring durability and reliability even under challenging conditions.
  • Gamma Stability: These PVDF flow tubes are able to withstand gamma irradiation up to 50 kGy. This makes them suitable for applications where gamma sterilization is used, such as pharmaceutical production or research.
  • Single-Use Convenience: The single-use design allows for fast and easy exchange of wetted parts, reducing downtime and preventing cross-contamination.
  • High Resolution Output: Equipped with an ultra-lightweight turbine rotor, these flow meters provide a high-resolution square wave output for reliable, precise, and accurate measurement.

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