Elevate your biopharma operations with flow management solutions

Innovative Flow Meter Solutions for the Biopharma Industry

In the dynamic world of biotech and pharmaceutical production, reliability, accuracy, and safety are paramount. At our Saint-Gobain, we specialize in innovative flow measurement solutions that align with the stringent requirements of these industries. Our flow meters meet the high-quality standards set by the USP Class VI guidelines.

Key features of our flow meters:

  • PVDF Flow Meters: Our PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) flow meters are the preferred choice due to their exceptional suitability for sterilization using gamma irradiation. Whether it’s bioreactors, liquid chromatography, or various filtration processes (TFF, UF), our PVDF flow meters deliver consistent performance.
  • Single-Use Flow Meters: Saint-Gobain’s single-use flow meters have gained widespread acclaim in biotech and pharma applications. These versatile meters seamlessly integrate into equipment across the industry, ensuring reliable and precise measurements.

Benefits for the pharmaceutical and biotech markets:

  • Time Efficiency: Our flow meters streamline production processes, allowing you to save valuable time during critical operations.
  • Validation: We provide validation packages, including adherence to USP Class VI standards. Rest assured that our flow meters meet the highest quality benchmarks.    
  • Sterilization  Compatibility: With the ability to withstand gamma radiation up to 50 kGy, our flow meters maintain integrity even in the most demanding environments.
  • Flexibility: Easily exchange wetted parts as needed, minimizing downtime, and maximizing efficiency.
  • Precise Calibration: Each flow tube comes with detailed calibration data, ensuring accurate measurements throughout your processes.

Partner with us for innovative flow meter solutions that elevate your biopharma operations. Contact our team today to explore how our solutions can enhance your workflow. 

To meet the biopharma industry requirements, all our flow meters are produced and calibrated in an ISO Class 8 certified clean room."

Frequently Asked Questions
How can Saint-Gobain's flow meters be used in biopharma applications?

Our disposable single-use flow meters are successfully applied in bioreactors, liquid chromatography, various liquid filtration biotech processes (TFF, UF) and other equipment’s in biotech- and pharma industries.

What can the flow meter measure?

The flow meters are designed to measure low viscosity liquids. On the respective product pages, you can find the recommended flow range, temperatures, and pressures. If you need personal assistance to ensure compatibility with your specific process conditions, feel free to contact our engineers.

Can the turbine flow meters of Saint-Gobain measure gasses?

Our flow meters are tested with liquids, when using gasses, we therefore cannot make any claims with respect to accuracy and longevity.

Can Saint-Gobain turbine flow meters measure chemicals and/or corrosive liquids?

Absolutely! Thanks to the use of fluoropolymers (PVDF and PFA) the flow meters have excellent chemical resistance. They are well-suited for handling corrosive liquids.

Can opaque and/or colored liquids be measured by Saint-Gobain turbine flow meters?

The reflection measurement principle employed by our flow meters allows accurate measurement of both opaque and colored liquids. In cases where a white opaque liquid is used, we can provide a flow meter with a black turbine for optimal performance.

Can liquids with particles cause issues in use with Saint-Gobain turbine flow meters?

To ensure trouble-free operation, we recommend using an in-line filter before the flow meter. The recommended pore sizes range from 100 to 250 microns, depending on the flow meter model that is used. Particles that can pass through these pores pose no problem for our flow meters.

Flow meters for the biotechnology industry

Flow Meters for the Life Sciences Industry

Saint-Gobain was one of the first suppliers to introduce single use flow meters for flow and volume control in the biotechnology and medical device industries.

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