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Innovative Flow Meter Solutions for the Water Treatment Industry

Our advanced flow meters play a crucial role in water purification. Whether you are monitoring flow rates or precisely dosing additives, our solutions deliver exceptional performance. Key applications include cooling tower treatment (such as biocide addition), desalination (reverse osmosis), wastewater management, and ultra-pure water filtration.

Features and benefits of our flow meters for the water treatment market:

  • Wide Flow Range: Our flow meters accurately measure flow rates from 20 mL/min to 200 L/min.
  • Precision: Achieve 99% accuracy in volume control.
  • Reliability: With a repeatability of 99.85%, our meters consistently deliver dependable results.
  • Versatility: Suitable for low-viscosity liquids, as well as opaque and corrosive fluids.
  • Output: High-resolution square wave output.
  • Durability: The almost frictionless turbine movement ensures minimal wear and tear.

Discover the efficiency and reliability of our chemical-resistant flow meters for water treatment applications.

Working principles of our flow meters

Working Principle of our Flow Meters

Discover how our turbine flow meters perform in the field.

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