Flow Controller

The Equflow Flow Controller is designed to display flow, volume, and/or totalizing information. It empowers flow sensors and offers a dual flow controller option to display the output of two flow sensors simultaneously. Available as both a panel mount and desktop version, this controller is a reliable choice for flow measurement applications.


Item # For Number of Sensors Model
6010FCDT001XX 1 Desktop
6010FCDT002XX 2 Desktop
6010FCPM001XX 1 Panel Mount
6010FCPM002XX 2 Panel Mount


Disposable No
Liquid temperature, °C -20 to 80
Output signal, V square wave 5-24
Repeatability < 0,15%
Power consumption at 5V 34 mA
Power supply, VDC 5-24

Features & Benefits

Monitor current flow rate Shows totalized volume Dual flow available to monitor two flows at once Available in panel mount or desktop

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