Electronic Devices for Flow Control & Monitoring

Whether you are overseeing industrial processes, laboratory experiments, or biopharmaceutical processes, flow management electronics, like controllers, ensure seamless fluid flow. In addition to our flow meter solutions, we offer various electronic devices, such as a barcode scanner for calibration purposes, a DA converter, and various controllers to monitor and control your flow process. These devices can easily be installed with our flow meters and play an essential role in regulating, monitoring, and optimizing the movement of flow. From maintaining precise flow rates and preventing leaks to providing calibration data and converting output signals, flow management electronics empower you to achieve precision, efficiency, and safety in your fluid handling systems. 

Controllers are the command centers of fluid systems, orchestrating the delicate balance between supply and demand. They enable you to:

  • Fine-tune flow rates: Whether it’s a chemical process, water distribution network, or medical infusion system, controllers allow you to set and maintain the desired flow rate with precision
  • Respond dynamically: Fluid conditions change—temperature, pressure, viscosity—and controllers adapt in real time
  • Prevent overflows and spills: Controllers act as vigilant sentinels, shutting off the flow when thresholds are breached
  • Optimize resource usage: By intelligently adjusting flow rates, controllers conserve energy, reduce waste, and extend the lifespan of pumps, valves, and other components

Whether you are managing a semiconductor fabrication line, a water treatment plant, or in the biopharma industry, flow management electronics ensure smooth fluid operations.

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