Flow Meters for Accurate Measurement

In the realm of industrial applications, measuring liquid flow is a critical necessity. Accurate flow measurements can mean the difference between profit and loss. Conversely, inaccurate measurements or neglecting to measure can lead to serious consequences. Flow meters, also known as flow sensors, provide crucial visibility into fluid movement within tubing, pipes, and conduits. At Saint-Gobain, we recognize the critical role that flow meters play in various industries. Here is why our flow meters stand out:

  • Versatility: our flow meters measure linear, non-linear, or volumetric flow rates; from biopharmaceutical to food and beverages and water treatment, our solutions adapt to diverse applications.
  • Materials: The wetted parts of our flow meters, the flow tubes , come in fluoropolymer material: either PFA or PVDF. These materials have excellent chemical resistance, low friction, and mechanical compatibility. 
  • Innovative Technology: our flow meters employ infrared turbine reflection technology for real-time, reliable, and accurate readings.

Explore Saint-Gobain’s range of flow meters and enhance your flow process!

Equflow Flow Meter Products

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