Barcode Scanner for Automatic Calibration

The Equflow Barcode Scanner is designed for automatic calibration. Each Equflow flow tube comes with a label containing manufacturing and calibration data saved in a two-dimensional barcode. Scanning this barcode eliminates the need for recalibration after exchanging a flow tube, ensuring accurate flow measurements.


Item #


Disposable No
Liquid temperature, °C -20 to 80
Output signal, V square wave 5-24
Repeatability < 0,15%
Power consumption at 5V 34 mA
Power supply, VDC 5-24

Features & Benefits

Each Equflow flow tube comes with a label that includes both manufacturing and calibration data. This data is stored in a two-dimensional barcode. The barcode contains information about the K-factor, which represents the number of pulses per liter of liquid (based on water). By scanning the barcode, the calibration process becomes unnecessary after exchanging a flow tube. This ensures an accurate flow measurement. The scanner is compatible with any single-use disposable flow sensor from Equflow.

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